Flat aluminum strip


Flat aluminum strip


    Quotation of aluminum material:

    Thickness Colour
    JFH—0.6mm Red, black, white, green,yellow, blue,aluminum,
    JFH—0.6mm brushed gold,brushed silver
    JFH—0.6mm mirror silver
    JFH—0.6mm mirror gold
    The above price is the price without PVC sheet. The specification of the word side strip is 6.8cm, 8.8cm, 10.8cm plus PVC. It can be directly bonded with chloroform or three second adhesive, which is more convenient and firm than ordinary aluminum side strip bonded with ab adhesive.  
    Acrylic edge strip with PVC and sponge strip (mainly export edge strip)
    Thickness Color
    JFH—0.5mm Red, black, white, green, yellow, blue,aluminum,
    JFH—0.5mm brushed gold,brushed silver
    JFH—0.5mm mirror silver
    JFH—0.5mm mirror gold
    Profile: 图片2.png50M / volume
    JFH—0.5mm red,aluminum,black,white
    JFH—0.5mm Brushedgold,brushed silver
    JFH—0.5mm mirror silver
    JFH—0.5mm mirror gold
    JFH—0.6mm Aluminum tricolor 6cm
    Tlty-2 plate material (3cm、4cm、5cm、6cm、7.7cm、9.7cm)100M/Volume
    Thickness Colour
    0.6mm Aluminum natural color, high gloss black, white, red, matte black
    Drawing gold and silver
    Rose Gold
    Imported mirror silver

    Sample display: