Diamond polishing machine


Diamond polishing machine


    Yn-1350 acrylic diamond polishing machine is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The equipment is equipped with variable-frequency motorized spindle, decelerating motor and stable logic control circuit, which greatly improves the reliability and safety of equipment operation. The diamond cutter is used for surface precision cutting of plexiglass (acrylic) and light guide plate, so as to achieve mirror effect, making the finished product sharp angle, transparent, smooth and straight Good humidity, no dust, low noise, low loss. One machine can save 3-5 people, which is suitable for precision polishing of high-grade acrylic products and crystal products. The product quality and efficiency are very high. It is one of the indispensable equipment for manufacturers of acrylic products.

    YN-Model 1350 polishing machine
    YN-1350type polishing machine
    Machine size 2200mm X 1000mm X 1600mm Complete machine power ≤2KW
    Power supply 380V Complete machine weight 2000KG
    Principal axis sped 0-10000R/Min Principal axis depth cut 0 - 1mm
    Cutting speed 0- 1000mm/Min Cutting manner Work piece feeding
    Cutting angle 0°-60° Work area 100mm X 1300mm
    Compressed air ≥0.45Mpa The size of dust mouth 80m