Elements of daily operation of Marker pipe bending machine

2018-01-19    6106

Seven steps of bending pipe processing, remember the last step

1. Fences should be set up in the workplace. Huizhou Bend Pipe Factory

2. Before operation, first run without load, and then set the mold to bend the pipe after confirming that it is normal.

3. Pipe molds should be selected according to the processed pipe diameter and placed in order.

4. Do not add oil between the pipe and the pipe mold.

5. The parts should be clamped, and the guide plate support mechanism should be reversed in time according to the direction of the bend.

6. During operation, non-operating and auxiliary personnel are not allowed to stay around the machine to watch.

7. After the operation, the power supply should be cut off, the switch box should be locked, and daily maintenance should be done.

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