Marke shares with you the solution to the woodworking engraving machine spindle not rotating

2018-01-16    6132

The motor spindle (engraving head) suddenly stops moving? How to do? The technicians of Marke CNC have summed up the following solutions based on more than ten years of practical experience:

1. Check whether the circuit of the spindle of the engraving machine is short-circuited;

Second, the easiest way is to reinstall the computer program;

(Of course, you must remember the click parameters before reinstalling, because every time you reinstall the program, the click parameters will be restored)

3. Check whether the drive board is burned; (this can be judged by the lighting of the drive in the chassis, usually the green light is normal. The red light is abnormal) 4. The three-wire cable from the spindle motor to the inverter is disconnected. Confirmation method: Measure the resistance between the plugs at both ends of the cable with a multimeter.

Solution: Connect the broken wire or change the wire;

5. The three-wire cable connector from the spindle motor to the inverter is disconnected.

Solution: reconnect or reconnect and try again;

6. The inner lead wire of the spindle motor of the engraving machine is open welding. Confirmation method: multimeter measures the resistance between the three cores of the spindle motor socket.

Solution: Remove the socket and re-solder the open wire.