What is an automatic laser welding machine?

2017-12-09    5602


As processing manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for processing efficiency, the difficulty of laser welding equipment is also increasing. In order to comply with market demand and meet the needs of users, Marker CNC continuously innovates welding technology and provides a variety of new laser welding machines. It is in this environment that automatic laser welding machines take advantage of the trend and occupy the market.  

Marker automatic laser welding machine uses the laser generated by the laser to radiate the surface of the workpiece after beam expansion, reflection, and focus. The surface heat is diffused to the inside through heat conduction, and the width, energy, peak value, power and repetition of the laser pulse are precisely controlled through digitalization. Parameters such as frequency melt the workpiece to form a specific molten pool, so as to realize the laser welding of the workpiece, and complete the precision welding that cannot be achieved by traditional technology. The fully-automatic laser welding machine adopts brand-new thinking technology, the welding speed is very fast, the welding accuracy is better, and the beam mode is better. It can realize a new automatic welding positioning, and the production efficiency is higher than other laser welding. Several times. This laser welding machine uses an automatic platform, a rotating table and an automatic lifting laser beam. Based on the software of the laser welding machine, it can be modified freely and the operation method is simple. 

Model features of Marke automatic laser welding machine:  

1. A four-axis linkage control system tailored for laser welding, stable performance and easy to use;

2. High-power laser power supply, which can meet 24 hours mass production;

3. High positioning repeat accuracy;

4. Any trajectory of welding points, straight lines, circles, ellipses and squares can be welded;

5. It can achieve high laser power such as spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, and sealing welding, and the weld has the characteristics of high depth ratio, small heat affected area, small deformation, and fast welding speed;

6. The X, Y, Z and D axes of the welded workpiece are driven by stepping, which meets the needs of large strokes.